Access Israel Wins Campaign of the Year Award

Golden Cactus Logo (Enlarge)

Geller-Nessis advertising agency’s campaign for Access Israel has won the prestigious Golden Cactus 2007 Best Campaign Award. The campaign for a small non-profit surprised the industry by beating campaigns for commercial giants who have won the award every year so far. 


The campaign’s power and uniqueness were achieved primarily by casting the presenter, Prof. Stephen Hawking. The campaign is also noted for its graphic simplicity and for the text written for Hawking, one of the prominent minds of our generation. 


In the campaign, Hawking, who speaks by twitching a cheek muscle which controls a word processor voice synthesizer, says: “In twenty years Man may be able to live on the Moon. In forty years we may be able to get to Mars. In the next 200 years we may be able to leave the solar system and head for the stars. But meanwhile, meanwhile we would like to go to the supermarket, the cinema and restaurants…” 


To download the clip and read more on the campaign click here and here.


To read coverage of the award in Ha'aretz daily click here.

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