Access Israel's letter to editors

Access Israel's letter to editors (Enlarge)

Yuval Wagner, chairman of the non-profit organization Access Israel, has contacted newspaper editors and reporters dealing with tourism and volunteerism, requesting them to add information on accessibility to articles dealing with attractions, tourist sites and cultural events.   He emphasized the importance of publishing this information for the disabled.

The organization hopes that this will raise the editors' and reporters' awareness of the necessity for accessibility, enabling disabled persons to use the information appropriately, avoiding disappointment when they leave home for outings.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Re:  Publication of accessibility arrangements for the disabled in tourism articles in the summer of 2010.

Dear Editor/Reporter,

Access Israel Organization promotes accessibility for the disabled, enabling them to live in equality, dignity and independence.   In Israel there are more than 700,000 people with disabilities caused by army injuries, enemy attacks, road and work accidents, as well as age and disease related disabilities.   In 2005 a law was enacted, giving the disabled equal rights to accessibility.   The law calls for accessibility arrangements so that people with disabilities have access everywhere, with dignity, equality and independence.

Among our organization's many and varied activities, we dedicate considerable attention and resources to improve accessibility and integrate the disabled into society.

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of publicizing reliable and detailed access information for the disabled on trips, tourist locations, attractions, festivals etc. that you cover.   This information will help disabled people to make decisions and avoid disappointment on reaching a place without suitable access.

We appeal to you to publish accessibility arrangements in your articles and reports.

Please include:

1. Whether there is organized parking for the disabled.
2. Whether there are suitable access approaches.
3. Whether there are toilets suitable for the disabled.
4. Whether there are accessories for the hard of hearing.

This information is critical in enabling the disabled to decide whether to leave their home.

Your decision to publish information on accessibility will make your articles relevant for the large target audience of the disabled, the elderly and their families.

I would appreciate your requesting such information from public relations staff and publishing it in your articles and reports.

Yours sincerely,

 Yuval Wagner, Chairman
 Access Israel Organization

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