Deck chairs for the disabled in Tel-Aviv

Deck chairs for the disabled in Tel-Aviv (Enlarge)

To advance the issue of access for the disabled, the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality's Authority for the Advancement of the Disabled, with the Operating Division Beach Department, has purchased six deck chairs of various types for the disabled.   The deck chairs have been placed at the North Cliff, Tel Baruch, Hilton and Metzitzim beaches.

The chairs are designed to enable those with mobility difficulties or in wheel chairs to move over the dry sand, reach the sea and even enter it in the chair.

The chairs are manufactured of materials that withstand the damp and salty conditions.

The project is at the pilot stage and if successful, the Municipality will increase the number of chairs placed on the beaches.

It will enable the disabled and their families to enjoy the city's beaches equally and actively during the summer and the whole year.

An additional type of chair with double rims on the rear wheels is self-propelling

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