Access Israel operates to install accessible screens on busses

Access Israel operates to install accessible screens on busses (Enlarge)

Access Israel is operating to install accessible data screens on busses.

However, Egged has decided to cancel the project for accessible data screens on busses, and substitute LED screens, which enable only partial display of information.

This is apparently due to ultra-orthodox pressure, arising out of a fear that the screens will include advertising.

What are the features of accessible data systems on busses?

For the blind – vocal announcements before and on reaching bus stops.   An external microphone announcing the bus line number when the bus reaches the stop.

For the sight impaired – the screens can be seen from all parts of the bus, the text can be read from a distance and the screens are light enough to be readable in daylight.   The text is large and in contrasting colours .

For the deaf and hearing impaired – accurate text data in real time.

For the reading impaired – vocal data, pictures and map orientation.

For the orientation impaired – data on the bus's location, arrival time, sites around the bus stop etc.

For the cognitive impaired – marking the main stops with graphic signs, to enable their identification without reading.   Data written in simple language, description of bus stops.

In future

In future it will be possible to include announcements outside the bus for those waiting at the bus stop, so that the blind will know which bus is arriving at the stop and at what time.   The driver will also be informed that a person needing assistance is waiting at the stop, so that he can help him onto the bus.

The system Egged is promoting

Apparently the system is based on LED screens (electronic signs) – a collection of red lights which can post texts and numbers.   This system will only supply a partial access improvement and for only some of the disabled.

How you can help

1. Identify the differences:
LED screens Data screens
Text displays √ √
Display of numbers √ √
Picture display  √
Display of integrated data  √
Display of large amounts of data  √
Screen size – small/large  
Solution for hearing impaired – partial/full  
Solution for sight impaired – partial/full  
Solution for language impaired  √
Solution for cognitive impaired  √
Comprehensive data for all passengers  √

2. Assist vis-à-vis the Ministry of Transport.
3. Ask to see the solution they offer.
4. Sign the petition – press here
5. Material from the media – press here 
and – press here

Yuval Wagner
Chairman of Access Israel

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