Accessibility for everybody at KKL-JNF sites

At first glance, the bus that rolled into the parking lot at KKL-JNF Golani Junction Tree Nursery looked like any other bus bringing visitors to learn about the process of growing trees. But when a square platform opened up out of the side of the bus rather than a door, it became obvious that something special was going on. This was a bus specially accommodated to the needs of people with disabilities who are wheelchair bound. Eight volunteers from "Access Israel," a non-profit organization dedicated to making Israel accessible to all its citizens - including the disabled - were invited by KKL-JNF to spend a day touring KKL-JNF sites in northern Israel and to provide feedback on the degree of their accessibility.

The Jerusalem Post

  Accessibility for everybody at KKL-JNF sites - Part 1
  Part 2
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