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Sharing and Learning Accessibility Globally

Access Israel
in international partnerships to promote accessibility and raise awareness to the proper inclusion of all persons with disabilities in society, and also to facilitate opportunities for transformation of information and mutual learning. Access Israel is happy to share its knowledge and experience in order to advance global accessibility and create an international and uniform language that endorses accessibility and quality of life for people with disability making sure no one is left behind.
Representatives of the organization frequently meet with policy makers and key influencers from abroad who wish to learn how Access Israel is revolutionizing accessibility in Israel and abroad.

In recent years, Access Israel frequently participates in international conferences dedicated to accessibility, including the renowned Zero Project Conference, an initiative of the Essl Foundation, which serves as an international platform for highlighting innovative policies and practices that assist in creating a world without barriers for persons with disabilities.

As of 2015, representatives of Access Israel took an active role in this venue, as speakers and coordinators of experiential activities that simulate disability and accessibility.

Access Israel brings its flagship awareness raising project - Feast of the Senses - to international audiences to promote worldwide accessibility.
In 2015, 35 diplomats took part in the Feast of the Senses in the United Nation's ENABLE Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, under the auspices of the Israeli delegation to the UN. In 2016, a similar event was held in Vienna for foreign ambassadors and key representatives from the UN offices in the city. This event not only promotes public awareness to accessibility but presents Israel in a favorable light.
Participants responded with enthusiasm and stated that they had never before taken part in such an enlightening and rewarding experience.

Access Israel's delegation in the Vienna Zero project Convention  UN diplomats had experienced feast of senses, hosted by Access Israel

The 4th International Access Israel Convention  Access Israel's delegation participated in the UN's annual



Access Israel Internet Information Center

Our web portal is the most popular website among people with disabilities and their families, in addition to it being an important source of information among proffesionals and service providers.

The Center offers information to individuals with disability through our website (www.aisrael.org). This project is one of a kind. It provides essential information regarding accessible services throughout Israel free of charge in Hebrew, English and Arabic, such as accessible entertainment and cultural events and centers or any information that may help improve the life the disabled population. The website also offers updated and relevant information on current events and facilities.

This service is offered at a national level – used by people from all over Israel and abroad and includes information from site all over the country.


A person with disability uses a computer  A page from the site in English A page from the site in HebrewA page from the site in Arabic



Educational Programs

The educational program is offered to various ages of children to increase awareness to accessibility. We provide various activities tailored to different target populations. It includes informational and experiential activities.

The informational lessons introduce the children to physical and personal differences and similarities, basic terminology and concepts relating to the disabled population and accessibility, and helping fellow individuals. The experiential activities allow the participants to experience accessibility, involving and challenging various senses to further increase awareness to the needs of disabled individuals and accessibility.

Following these activities, the children take further in-the-field action promoting awareness to accessibility as ambassadors in their community, such as signing the parents and neighbors on a petition to practice tolerance and accept the other – individuals with disabilities, keep disabled parking spaces free for the disabled, and more. This service is offered at a national level and includes close cooperation with the Ministry of Education in promoting accessibility and inclusion in Israel's educational system. 


Children and guide in a wheelchair  Children experience disability



Raising Awareness to Accessibility in Academic Institutions

The program offers accessibility workshops to employees of academic institutions to train them to provide accessible services to the disabled population.

The participants also take part in experiential activities to experience disability, involving various senses to further increase awareness to the needs of disabled individuals and accessibility.

Furthermore, we also conduct an experiential outdoor event for the students to experience the everyday challenges confronting people with disabilities by using simulations, and meeting face to face with people with disabilities. This service is offered at a national level in universities and academic institutional.


The participants take part in experiential activities to experience disability  students experience disabilities



Pay it Forward in Sign Language

Providing workshops that teach about deaf and hearing impaired people and sign language.
The project aims to increase awareness of the hearing community to the culture of deaf and hearing impaired people and sign language.

Thousands of people all around Israel can communicate in basic sign language thanks to this program.

At the 2016 Zero Project Conference in Vienna the “Pay it Forward in Sign-Language” Project was awarded as one of the best Innovative Practices of 2016 and already created interest to be duplicated in several countries around world.


graduates of a sign language course  graduates of a sign language course



Accessibility Training

The program trains employees of local municipalities and businesses to provide accessible services, e.g: frontal services, phone and internet services, public events and more, to the disabled population and turn its services accessible to people with disabilities.


To create an accessible environment, Access Israel has developed a program to assist regional councils and municipalities to transform services and make them accessible for people with all forms of disabilities (physical and sensory).

As part of the program, service providers receive a series of seminars, experiential workshops, lectures and ongoing guidance and consultation on disability and accessible services. This service is offered at a national level and also with emphasis on the regional level offering customization of the training according to the unique characteristic of each region.

The “Help Me Help You” project was preselected in 2016 by UN DESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York) as one of the best practices of 2016 to appear in a report on urban development to be published on the occasion of the UN Habitat III Conference in Quito Ecuador.


graduates of an accessibility training  As part of the program, service providers receive experiential workshops



Legislation, Regulation and Parliamentary Activity

Access Israel is involved in the drafting of the Equal Rights to People with Disabilities Act and assists with the promotion and publication of accessibility regulations and standards, and conducts follow up on changes regarding accessibility in the Standards Institute of Israel.


In addition, Access Israel also initiates accessibility legislation in various domains to provide an appropriate, immediate and comprehensive response to people with disabilities and consolidate accessibility regulations in various domains.


Furthermore, Access Israel also works with governmental authorities to bring about accessible services in all spheres of life.
Our involvement effects at a national level.

Access Israel has launched a first of its kind legal website which has mapped and summarized all relevant legislation and legal interpretation of accessibility and inclusion related laws, regulations and court rulings.


a book with accessibility icon on the cover  keyboard with an accessibility key



Increasing Awareness

Access Israel works to promotes to accessibility on behalf of people with disability. The Organization works with various target populations, including decision makers, Knesset Members, businesses, local municipalities, and the public.

We reach out through media campaigns, public relations activities, informal meetings with disabled individuals,

conferences and lectures on accessibility by experts and unique events, such as the Feast of Senses to illustrate what it is like to dine as a person with disability. This service is offered at a national level.

Following local successes in promoting accessibility and increasing awareness in innovative and creative ways and the willingness to share a successful model which brings about a real change in public perception, Access Israel was chosen by the organizers of the Zero Project 2016 in Vienna to offer participants of the Conference the Accessibility for All trail at the UN Headquarters in Vienna. This Project led by Access Israel enabled participant and employees of the UN to choose a disability and experience it first hand while getting to know a person behind the disability. The willingness to participate was amazing and so were the reactions from the participants.

"Feeling Accessibility" happening held by Access Israel at the Tel-Aviv port "Feeling Accessibility" happening held by Access Israel at the Tel-Aviv port "Feeling Accessibility" happening, held by Access Israel at the Tel-Aviv port



Accessible Picnic Areas

Access Israel promotes and establishes accessible trails and picnic areas throughout Israel to offer access to nature to anyone with any form of disability. This service is offered at a national level with emphasis on the regional level offering customization of the picnic areas according to the unique characteristic of each region.


Accessible Picnic Area  Inaugurating a new picnic area



Providing Guidance to Recently Disabled People

Able-bodied people who become disabled face a myriad of challenges, including emotional distress, adjustments to both physical and mental difficulties, loss of occupational abilities and more.


The program provides newly disabled individuals with workshops and mentoring to increase their use of available services, provide them with tools to cope with their disability, offer guidance and support and facilitate their independent reintegration in society. This service is currently offered at a regional level.


A meeting of people who recently become disabled  People with disabilities at the beach



Feast of Senses

This unique project was developed by Access Israel to give influential people and decision makers a "taste" of what it feels to have a disability.


The feast is an emotional, educational experience which is comprised of 3 courses served in a high-end restaurant. Each of the courses is experienced in combination with a different disability, namely: eating while wearing headphones which disrupt hearing, blind wine tasting, eating while wearing gloves (to simulate a lack of physical ability to move), and more.


During the feast, an encounter with people with disabilities, e.g. a blind person, hearing impaired person and a person with a physical disability (all from Access Israel) also takes place. This service is offered at a national level.


eating while wearing headphones   eating while wearing blindfold



Independent Living Centers

Operating Independent Living Centers and volunteer groups in the community across the country with an emphasis on Israel's periphery. These Centers enable people with disability to integrate in to the community and receive tools for independent living.


Our Centers include integrated groups of people with and without disability acting together, at eye level and developing local projects and activities fitting the area from which they operate.


Social activity held in one of the centers



Accessibility Complaint Center

Our legal department assists individuals with disabilities who have experienced discrimination or injustice based on their disability by different organizations or businesses, in order to promote the equality and rights of this population. Every year we respond to over 1,000 inquiries from people with various disabilities .


Making measurements at handicaped toillets

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