About Access Israel

About Access Israel

Access Israel, established in Israel in 1999, is the first non-profit organization in Israel whose main mission is to promote accessibility and improve the quality of life of the disabled population through improving access to public and commercial facilities, the environment, events, transportation, and other areas.


Access Israel strives to make Israel a place where people with various disabilities are integrated into society with dignity, respect, equal rights and maximum independence. Since its establishment, Access Israel has revolutionized the quality of life and accessibility for hundreds of thousands of people in Israel, and has become a leading organization worldwide and a model for making businesses, governmental, academic and non-profit organizations accessible to people with disabilities.


 These achievements result from a wide range of innovative projects, ongoing awareness activities and improvement of business models aimed at making Israel an accessible place.


Over 1.5 million people with disabilities live in Israel today (20% of the population). About 700,000 of them deal with severe disabilities whether from birth or inflicted by car/work accidents, disease and/or old age, or wars/ terrorism. They suffer from physical, sensory, cognitive and mental disabilities, and a lack of accessibility prevents them from leading a normal life, causing them and their families' great suffering. The disability does not differentiate between religions, economic backgrounds or social status.


Therefore, Access Israel makes it an issue to act in all sectors, in all geographical areas in Israel with an emphasis on the periphery in order to make Israel more accessible and integrate 100% of its population (and possible guests from abroad).


Over the years the organization has succeeded in promoting the topic of accessibility and giving a voice to the disabled population.Promoting legislation as well as raising awareness through educational programs in schools and professional accessibility training for service providers are the organization’s primary methods for changing attitudes and instilling values of tolerance and acceptance in society so that accessibility can become the norm.


Access Israel is known for its unique, experiential and effective programs in which participants gain first-hand experiences with disabilities. We believe that the most efficient way to bring about the desired change is by exposing the community to people with disabilities and their daily realities, challenges, barriers, and accomplishments. Our methods have been proven to successfully increase the awareness of the general public, planners and decision makers about the importance of accessibility.


The organization also aims to promote a global exchange of knowledge regarding accessibility so that countries from all over the world can learn from one another in terms of their successes and mistakes.


Through the exchange of such knowledge we believe that an overall international transformation can take place. As part of our activities to promote accessibility and increase awareness to the importance of true integration, we also develop courses and seminars to help change the perception of society regarding people with disabilities and foster acceptance. Amongst these activities, we provide successful educational programs, unique training for service providers and the "Feast of the Senses", an event developed by Access Israel to offer decision makers a "taste" of what it feels to live with a disability. The organization would be glad to share its experience and assist other countries and/or NGO's achieve the tools to advance such a change in their countries.


Accessibility and integration of people with disabilities in Israel have come a long way since Access Israel was founded, but there is still much to do. We invite you to become our partner and help us make the necessary changes.

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