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Accessible Picnic Table


Access Israel is an NGO dedicated to the advancement of accessibility and integration into society of people with disabilities and their families with equality, dignity and independence. 


Today in Israel, the population of people with disabilities is 500,000 of who 150,000 have severe disabilities. 


This includes Disabled IDF Veterans and terror victims, disabilities from automobile and work accidents, diseases and old age. 


In contrast to countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom, Israel is a very unfriendly place for people with disabilities. 


In fact, if you are a person with a disability there are hardly any nature spots in Israel where you can travel with your friends and family. 


This intolerable situation is about to change thanks to your support within this project. 


In the framework of this project you can make a difference and make picnic areas, trails and observation points and this location will be permanently named after you or your company. 



 Project Description 


As Israel celebrates its 60th year of independence next year, we are offering you a chance to allow independence for people with disabilities in Israel by taking part in this project. 


The “Independence for All” project is planned to dramatically improve the level of equality, integration, independence and fun for Israelis with disabilities during their leisure time. 



Our goal is to build 60 nature, picnic and observation areas in each of the next three years. 


 The picnic spots will be accessible and friendly to people with disabilities, the elderly, overweight people, families, parents with baby strollers and anyone seeking convenience.


Together we will create places that will allow people with disabilities to enjoy Israel’s beloved natural environment. 



How does it work? 


Access Israel 

  • Lists of nature and picnic spots and observation points designated to become accessible 
  • Assists the donor to select a project 
  • Plans, supervises and executes the construction of the accessible location 
  • Informs people with disabilities as well as the general public  

Businesses and Donors 

  • Select the location for construction of an accessible picnic area or observation point 
  • Choose the picnic area model – see below 
  • Decide whether to involve employees in the selection process and actual construction 
  • A modest commemorative plaque will be placed besides the accessible area without harming the natural landscape 
  • Representatives of the business will participate in the inauguration ceremony 





Authorities (Jewish National Fund - KKL, Nature & National Parks Authority, Regional Councils) 

  • Approve construction of accessible picnic areas 



Type of Picnic Areas 


Basic Model

  • One marked disabled parking spot
  • Access paths
  • One accessible picnic table 
  • Cost: 30,000 NIS 

Enhanced Model

Includes features of the Basic Model as well as one of the following: 

  • Additional accessible picnic tables 
  • Accessible path in the nature  
  • Accessible landscape observation point 
  • Accessible drinking water fountain 
  • Accessible benches 
  • Accessible benches 
  • Tactile diagrams for the blind 
  • Accessible BBQ grill 
  • Accessible playground 
  • Accessible disabled toilet 


The business(donor) and Access Israel will jointly decide on the features of the picnic area. 



Cost: 50,000-200,000 NIS


It is also possible to make an anonymous donation. 



Further Details 


Contact Oren Less – Project Manager 


Phone: +972-50-7777201

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