Donation Request: Promoting Accessibility to People with Disabilities in Israel

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December 2015
Disability Rights Awareness Month

Over 1.6 million people with disabilities live in Israel today (20% of the population). Among them, some 700,000 individuals confront severe physical, sensory, cognitive or mental disabilities, which makes it difficult for them to function normally and fully.

Unfortunately, many sites and services in the country, such as governmental institutions, local municipalities, courts, health clinics, public transportations, cultural institutions, tourist sites, commercial centers and more, remain inaccessible to people with disabilities. Inaccessibility often originates from social stigma and lack of knowledge or attention to the needs of individuals with disabilities, which prevents the disabled population from successful integration in all spheres of life. Thus, they cannot become independent and contributive members of society, and are bound to remain grounded, much like prisoners in their own homes.

promoting accessibility and integration of people with disabilities


Due to the intolerable situation, Access Israel was established in 1999 with the goal of promoting accessibility and integration of people with disabilities in Israeli society, in all spheres of life, with dignity, respect, equality, safety and maximal independence – the core values of every democracy.

In the 16 years since its establishment, Access Israel has revolutionized accessibility and quality of life for people with disabilities in Israel and their families. The organization has become a model for making business, government, academic institutions and non-profit organizations accessible. We have raised public awareness to accessibility, promoted legislation and regulations in the field, worked in order to shift positions and views among thousands of children and youth, provided accessibility training to hundreds of individuals, handled hundreds of complaints and shared life-changing information with hundreds of thousands of people via Access Israel website. We persist in these endeavors and plan to do much more in the future.

We should all keep in mind that disability can happen to anyone at any given time. It drastically changes one's life, while immensely affecting his loved ones'.

support the accessibility revolution


Towards the end of 2015, we respectfully request your support, through a donation to Access Israel, and encourage you to partake in the accessibility revolution.

Access Israel was awarded Midot’s Seal of Effectiveness due to its activities’ success and results, the organization’s leadership, ethics, transparency, finances, audit, and more.

.(Donations are tax deductible in both the U.S. (501c3) and Israel (sec. 46

Secure Donations can be directly submitted through the website. 


Yuval Wagner, President and Founder
Access Israel

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