Knesset discussions: parking awareness day summary
Discussions of the Economic Committee of the Knesset on October 18 included a proposed law dealing with parking for the handicapped

The Access Israel Organization and the Keren Kayemeth held a tree planting ceremony at the Ben Shemen Forest

Website Accessibility Social and Business Profitability
Web accessibility allows disabled people and the elderly to navigate in the Internet with the same efficiency and pleasure as all users. Alon Zakai writes about it

Natioal awareness day for handicapped parking summary
National awareness day for handicapped parking took place on October 17 for the second year, with the participation of the Traffic Police, businesses, local authorities and schools

A special park for special needs persons in Haifa
A park for special needs persons will soon be set up in Haifa. The park will contain apparatus focusing on different senses, experiences and other attractions.

Unique Model of promotional project at the Galil Maaravi school
An original promotional project on the subject of access and acceptance of "the other" started at the beginning of the school year at Galil Maaravi High School

Access Israel award to Ikea
Ikea Israel received the Access Award of Access Israel, for its new store in Rishon LeZion

Access Israel operates to install accessible screens on busses
Access Israel is operating to install accessible data screens on busses.
However, Egged has decided to cancel the project for accessible data screens on busses, and substitute LED screens, which enable only partial display of information

Deck chairs for the disabled in Tel-Aviv
The Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality's Authority for the Advancement of the Disabled, with the Operating Division Beach Department, has purchased six deck chairs of various types for the disabled

Engineering students display projects for the disabled
Undergraduate students at the Hebrew University's School for Engineering and Computer Science displayed their graduation projects this week - including projects for the disabled

Access Israel's letter to editors
Yuval Wagner, chairman of the non-profit organization Access Israel, has contacted newspaper editors and reporters dealing with tourism and volunteerism, requesting them to add information on accessibility to articles dealing with attractions, tourist sites and cultural events

Initiative to make Jerusalem's Old City more accessible
The Jerusalem Post Logo 10/10/09
An accessibility initiative at the Old City of Jerusalem.

Handicap Parking at Telepharma
Telepharma and Access Israel organization initiative, has lead the company to add extra signs to the handicap parking-spot signs within its premise.

Disabled drivers okayed to park on sidewalks /
The city of Tel Aviv will allow vehicles belonging to disabled drivers to park on sidewalks in a compromise agreement hammered out with the Access Israel disabled welfare organization.

Israel's remembrance day is not disabled-friendly / Ha'aretz
Ha'aretz logo 28/04/09
The vast majority of memorial ceremonies for fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces are not fully accessible to people with disabilities, according to a recent survey by Access Israel, an organization devoted to ensuring the rights of disabled people.

By Noah Kosharek / Ha'aretz

J'lem: Givat Shaul cemetery to get facelift / The Jerusalem Post
The Jerusalem Post logo 26/04/09
Access Israel chairman Yuval Wagner said that the most common problems in cemeteries are lack of accessible parking, inaccessible walkways and toilets and lack of benches.

By Sam Greenberg / The Jerusalem Post

Public buildings to be accessible to disabled / YNET Logo 14/02/09
New law requires structures serving the public to install access to wheelchairs, elevators and services for people with disabilities. David Regev,

Disabled voters will struggle to reach polling stations
The Jerusalem Post logo 09/02/09
Thousands of wheelchair-bound voters could be forced to stay home during Tuesday's general election after the Central Elections Committee failed to consider how disabled and homebound citizens would reach the polling stations. By Ruth Eglash / the Jerusalem Post

Disabilities Group Calls on Parties to Promote Rights / Ha'aretz
Ha'aretz logo 09/12/08
Access Israel asked all parties hoping to win seats in the 18th knesset to promote legislaion advancing the rights of people with disabilities

Making Israel Accesible / Ha'aretz
Ha'aretz Logo 23/11/08
Fate determined that more than 500,000 people in Israel are disabled - but do they have to be punished twice? Access Israel works continously to improve the lives of these people and their families, with one basic principle in mind: everyone deserves to live a normal life / Nir Librach, Ha'aretz

Charities get "credit rating" to help donors pick causes
Ha'artez logo 27/10/08
Access Israel is one of the first six non-profit groups to qualify for Midot social rating / Ha'aretz

Discount inaugurates 1st handicapped-accessible branch
Globes logo 27/10/08
Discount Bank has inaugurated its first handicapped-accessible branch at 6 Smilansky Street in Netanya. The five-floor branch, which includes investment and mortgage centers, has received an Access Israel label / Globes

Making Nature Accessible / Ha'aretz
Ha'aretz Logo 24/07/08
Access lsrael is building special picnic areas so that disabled people can also enjoy the outdoors / Ella Lavon, Ha'aretz Essence Magazine

Appeal against government to promote access regulations
High Court of Justice 01/07/08
After over two years of delay, Access Israel filed a petition at the High Court of Justice against government ministries for the promotion of access regulations.

Handicapped Parking in Tel Aviv forming an Agreement
The end of unjust parking tickets in Tel Aviv 23/06/08
We have reached agreements on the last meeting between representatives of Tel Aviv municipality and Access Israel representatives.

Dr. Eli Fischer donates an accessible nature complex
Dr. Eli Fischer donates and inaugurates an accessible nature complex, as part of Access Israel project for accessible nature complex around Israel.

Supreme Courts ruling on Access Israels privacy appeal
European Disabled Parking Badge withholds personal details 31/05/08
Israel's Highest court of Justice ruled that people with disabilities are allowed to hide their personal details (e.g. by folding the sign), without getting a fine. Other details must be exposed (vehicle number, pictogram, serial number etc.).

Access Israel's Badge of Honor awarded to IKEA
IKEA Logo 31/05/08
Access Israel awarded the "Accessibility Badge of Honor" to IKEA Israel for providing accessible access, disabled toilets, disabled parking, accessible checkout counters, wheelchairs and elevators.

Access Israel's Information Accessibility Folder Published
Access Israel's Information Folder 31/05/08
Access Israel has just begun to distribute the "Access Israel Folder", which is first of its kind and size in the world and includes a collection of over 160 sketches, illustrations and architectural items from the different fields of accessibility.

All access removed? / YNET
YNET Logo 31/05/08
Government offices fail to publish accessibility arrangements for disabled ahead of remembrance days; will they ever remember?

Telepharma Receives Citation from Access Israel (The Jerusalem Post)
The Jerusalem Post logo 17/03/08
Telepharma cited for donating an accessible path in Givati Forest, employing people with disabilities and offering a medication delivery service for people with disabilities.

The Second GRI Conference on Environmental Social Reporting
GRI Logo 28/02/08
Acess Israel helped defining accessibility and employment clauses of disabled people on the GRI standard. Our chairmain attended the last conference, and introduced those clauses.

The Launch of "Dont Run Over My Rights" Campaign
Eyal Fishman, Izhak Herzog, Yuval Wagner and the CEO's of the leading companies 20/02/08
Access Israel and PowerCard - Fishman networks costumers club - Launched a new campaign at the presence of the Minister of Social Welfare Mr. Izhak Herzog.

Alcatraz / Eyal Ben Simon
Escape from Alcatraz 13/02/08
Eyal is a new writer on the Access Israel Hebrew site. Let's welcome him with warm embrace. 21 years old, with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. beneath his featherweight hides a true fighter!

In the Knesset Disabled Vehicles in Public Transit Lanes
Public Transit Lanes 06/02/08
The new law passed in the Knesset that permits vehicles with a disabled car blue-label to travel in the public transit lanes, and our stand on the matter.

Tel Afek: New Picnic Area For the Disabled (Hamodia)
Hamodia logo 01/02/08
In honor of Tu BiShvat, Access Israel, together with Coca-Cola, has unveiled a pinic area at the Tel Afek National Park new Rosh Haayin that is accessible to the disabled.

A quarter of employers won't hire disabled (The Jerusalem Post)
The Jerusalem Post Logo 03/12/07
One quarter of small-to-medium sized Israeli companies would not consider hiring someone with even a minor disability, and the majority of local employers do not have a single disabled person on their payroll, according to a new study published Sunday by the Commission for Equal Rights of People with Disabilities, which operates under the auspices of the Justice Ministry.

Second-class citizens? (The Jerusalem Post)
The Jerusalem Post Logo 05/08/07
An article from the Jerusalem Post - Elaine Pomerantz has a wealth of stories about the trials and tribulations of negotiating her motorized wheelchair around the streets of Jerusalem. Some of her tales are borderline humorous, focusing on the inaccessibility of public buildings or places of entertainment, and some are quite disturbing, telling of apathy toward her frustrating situation. But there is one recent memory that sums up clearly the attitude of many toward the disabled community

Corporate Social Responsibility Accessibility reports
Global Reporting Initiative Logo 25/07/07
Access Israel is promoting reporting on accessibility issues within CSR reports in Israel as a member of the GRI forum in Israel.

Doing Their Bit for the Disabled (The Marker)
The Marker Logo 15/06/07
New Legislation will nudge contractors to be more wheelchair friendly.

An article from Ha'aretz / The Marker Real Estate section.

The first accessible ship in Israel
Picture of the SeaBell 04/06/07
An accessible sailboat designed specifically for people with disabilities is now available, for the first time in Israel. The boat offers full accessibility and allows people with disabilities to enjoy sea sports activities.

Access Israel at Aid 2007 exhibition
Access Israel's booth in AID 2007 31/05/07
Access Israel participates in Aid 2007, a Trade Fair for Rehabilitation, Care and Integration held in Tel Aviv

Access Israel's Lottery
Holiday Inn Logo 31/05/07
Subscribe to Access Israel's newsletter NOW for a change to win great accessible prizes!

Jerusalem 40 Years of Reunification Celebrations
Municipal Emblem of Jerusalem 22/05/07
At the commencement of celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of Jerusalems Reunification, Access Israel has asked Jerusalem's Mayor to make the events accessible to people with disabilities.

Parliamentary question - International Disabled Parking Badges
Member of Knesset Ran Cohen 09/05/07
Access Israel asked Ran Cohen, MK to submit a Parliamentary question to the Minister of Transport to improve international disabled parking badges issuance procedures

"Independence for All" Project
Independence For All Project Logo 24/04/07
A new and exciting accessibility project led by Access Israel and a group of dedicated celebrities.

Disabled rights group calls for equal access to Rememberence Day ceremonies (Jerusalem Post)
The Jerusalem Post Logo 23/04/07
An article from the Jerusalem Post on Access Israel's campaign for equal access to Remembrance Day ceremonies

A.I. to Cabinet: Memorial Day Must Be Accessible
Israel's Memorial Day 23/04/07
Access Israel has challenged the Government to make cemeteries and memorial site accessible by Independence Day 2008

Access Israel asks government to make Memorial and Independence Day Ceremonies accessible
The Israeli Flag 17/04/07
Access Israel requested the Government to allow people with disabilities to participate in Memorial Day and Independence Day official ceremonies

Accessibility at Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) Ceremonies
Memorial Day Ceremony 17/04/07
Accessibility information regarding central Memorial Day ceremonies

Accessible Stadiums in Israel
Bloomfield Staium in Tel Aviv 08/04/07
Access Israel has approached the Israel Sports Betting Board regarding accessibility of existing and future stadiums

On Disability and Accessibility - Thoughts by Jenny Ki Tov
Jenny Ki Tov 19/03/07
Jenny Ki Tov's personal column on the place of accessibility in society

Accessibility seminar in the city of Kfar Saba
Kfar Saba Municipality logo 10/03/07
Access Israel, together with Kfar Saba municipality, held a seminar on accessibility to all municipality employees and managers

Challenged children prove they are givers (YNET News)
YNET logo 09/03/07
Jerusalem high school students initiate charitable social projects in musical partnership with special needs bands along with non-challenged bands. At a special fundraising performance, money was raised for food and schoolbooks for those in need.

Banking and Accessibility Conference
Ran Cohen, Dina Feldman and Rony Hizkiyahu at the Banks and Accessiblity conference 09/03/07
Israels banking executives participated in a conference sponsored by Access Israel on Banking and Accessibility in Herzlia last month.

Government Report: Persons with Disabilities in Israel 2006
Emblem of the State of Israel 12/02/07
Yearly report on people with disabilities in Israel by the Commission for Equal Rights in the Ministry of Justice.

Access Denied (The Jerusalem Post)
The Jerusalem Post logo 21/01/07
An article from the Jerusalem Post on accessibility issues in Israel. The article includes an interview with Access Israel Chairman Yuval Wagner.

Access Israel reveals New Logo
Access Israel new logo 2007 01/01/07
To celebrate the new year 2007, Access Israel has launched a new logo.

The logo represents Access Israel's vision to enable the social integration, equal rights, dignity, respect and maximal independence for people with disabilities living in Israel.

Prof. Hawking appears in Access Israel's ad
Prof. Stephen Hawking in Access Israel's campaign 01/01/07
Prof. Hawking agreed to be filmed to an Access Israel video clip prepared to promote awareness to accessibility.

New library opened at Access Israel's offices
The Accessibiity Library at Access Israel's offices 01/01/07
The library contains more than 150 titles on accessibility - accessibility to buildings, infrastructure and and and accessibility to services - from all over the world.

July 2006 - Emergency info for people with disabilities
In light of rocket fire from Lebanon in July 2006 emergency information for people with disabilities has been published by the Ministry of Justice Commision for Equal Rights of People with Disabilities and translated to English by Access Israel.

Village for Arabs with special needs to be built in Galilee
President Shimon Peres on Tuesday took part in a ground breaking ceremony for the first community designated for Arab-Israeli adults with special needs.