The AI's delegation with children of the Favelas
A delegation of Access Israel has just returned from a visit to Rio de Janeiro. Invited by the senior secretary of Israel's embassy in Brazilia, the purpose of this visit was to hold accessibility activities during the Rio Paralympic Games
Judge Bernstein on the tandem bike
Richard H. Bernstein, Michigan Supreme Court Justice, arrived in the Galilee to enrich the Center's ...
Giora Lev speaks to the audience
Access Israel held on 22.5, an inspirational training day on Accessibility in the local municipality ...
a woman in wheelchair works in an office
On August 3, the Knesset's Plenum passed a new law under which, every public agency and organization ...
meeting of UN's Economic and social Committee
On May 25, 'Access Israel' was granted the status of 'Special Adviser' to UN's Economic and social ...
Rani Benjamini, Orel Lapid, Michal Rimon, Or Cohen
Access Israel tries to make Israel more inclusive for all of its citizens. Its work is now gaining ...
Center directors and a management's representative
The award was presented to "Access Israel" on Thursday, 06/16/16, at a ceremony held during the ...
Accessibility Badge
Israel is the only country committed to making internet websites and mobile applications accessible to ...
a girl in wheelchair and access israel's logo
many sites and services in Israel remain inaccessible to people with disabilities, through a donation to ...
Launching an accessible picnic area
Access Israel has many projects to promote accessibility and awareness in Israel
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